Who The Hell Is… Tink?

Timbaland’s newest protege is making a name for herself, and she’s doing it by taking the road less traveled. Tink, unlike many aspiring female rappers today, doesn’t want to be the next Nicki Minaj. She just wants to make good music that will put radio filler songs to shame.

WHO is Tink?

Nineteen-year-old Trinity Home, a.k.a. Tink, is from Calumet City in the suburbs of Chicago. She started singing as a young girl and was songwriting at the age of 12. She goes by the name of Tink, a childhood nickname her friends gave her that she started using when she began freestyling. According to her interview with XXL, Tink didn’t always want to be an artist, and used to dream of hosting a radio show. Tink caught the attention of Timbaland when his interns were producing her track “Don’t Tell Nobody” featuring Jeremih. The song sparked Timbaland’s interest, and the Mosley Music Group head took the young artist under his wing.

Listen to Tink’s “Don’t Tell Nobody” featuring Jeremih below.

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