10 Rockers Who Really Let Themselves Go

At least they keep rockin'...

Sometimes people don’t age well — even celebrities. But that’s not what we’re talking about today. While the natural process of aging will take its toll, we’re more interested in the rockers who just gave up on trying to look good. For instance: Paul McCartney has aged, but Paul McCartney still looks sharp. Bruce Springsteen has aged, but Bruce is still a sexy heart throb. By comparison: Axl Rose has aged. But Axl has also got a beer belly and doesn’t seem to comb his hair.

Along with Axl, Stephen Stills, Billy Joel, Peter Gabriel, are a few of the rockers who were once hot, but have apparently hit a bit of a rough patch. Some grew out of it and are looking good as new, while others are still looking kinda busted. But at least they keep rockin’…

  • Axl Rose

    Axl Rose was a straight up hottie in the 80s — just look at that ab definition for proof! Apparently Axl got sick of working out, because now he’s just another big bellied, jowly aging rock star. That’s not to mention that the scraggly hair doesn’t quite read as well on an older gentleman than a hot young lead singer. Axl we still love you, but would it kill you to run a comb through your hair from time to time?

  • Billy Joel

    Billy Joel was never really heartthrob status, but he was pretty sharp with his clean shaven, sharp suited, behind the grand piano charm. And he was definitely doing something right, because he landed super model Christie Brinkley. But when Christie left him in the mid-90s, it was like Joel just gave up for a while. Heartbreak will do that to you. Within a few years he looked like someone’s dad who accidentally wandered backstage at a concert and was accepted by the cool musicians with good humor.

  • Boy George

    The ’80s pop singer’s transition from Boy to just George was certainly a bumpy one. For proof, the photo on the right was taken during his 2006 court mandated community service following drug convictions. After a short stint in prison, George has since gotten clean and has now returned to the music scene, and his pop star looks.

  • Elvis Presley

    The King of Rock famously struggled with his weight, particularly later in life. In the early days it was most a result of indulging in a poor died, including his infamous deep-friend peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich…occasionally made out of an ENTIRE LOAF of bread. Some sources have him eating over 100,000 a day of good ol’ fashioned southern fried goodness. The junk food, in addition to the cornucopia of prescription meds, tragically took down the king in August of 1977.

  • Keith Richards

    Come on, no surprise that dear old Keef ended up on this list. In the mid sixties he was up there was Mick Jagger (and the late Brian Jones) as the heartthrob in the Rolling Stones. But by the early seventies, the ravages of addition and rock ’n’ roll lifestyle had taken their toll. Thankfully (and amazingly) he pulled through and is still rockin’ today.

  • David Gilmour

    Fans of the young Pink Floyd guitarist used to call him “Adonis,” after his chiseled face and slender body. But by the late seventies, he went all dad on us. Cool dad, to be sure, but a dad nonetheless.

  • Peter Gabriel

    Over the course of just a few years in the ’90s, Peter Gabriel started looking like a totally different person. Sure, there’s the age thing, but he went from being sexy to a straight up chubby dork! The good news is that he’s grown into himself a bit by the 2000s, and now gives off an evil super villain vibe. In a good way!

  • Steve Jones

    From playing guitar in the Sex Pistols, probably the coolest punk band ever, to looking like a dad who plays at the community center in his dad rock band on Sundays, Steve Jones has straight up given up trying to be even a little bit cool.

  • Robert Smith

    As the years progressed, the Cure frontman started looking more and more like the goth wizard he always wanted to be!

  • Stephen Stills

    The Texan guitarist first entered the music seen with the influential Buffalo Springfield before going global with Crosby Stills and Nash (and occasionally Young). By the late ’70s, he too had gone the bloated cool-dad route of David Gilmour and Elvis. We remained “weight challenged” up through the 2000s, but has recently started slimming down.