Go Inside Geddy Lee Of Rush’s Personal Bass Room With ‘Rock Icons’ Sam Dunn

It’s not everyone that gets to spend time with one of their musical idols, but that’s what happened to Banger Films’ Sam Dunn during the filming of the debut episode of Rock Icons featuring Rush bassist and lead singer Geddy Lee. The two were  already well-acquainted thanks to Banger’s 2010 band bio-pic Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage, but this time Dunn was invited into Lee’s personal “bass room” in the basement of his house in Toronto. “Being a bass player myself, this was a pretty big highlight,” said Dunn, adding that Lee had “the history of the bass guitar on his walls.”

See for yourself in the video above what Geddy Lee has in his collection and find out how he got his distinctive bass sound in this exclusive Rock Icons extra. Sam Dunn will be sharing his personal impressions of each episode during the season and hear him talk about what a thrill it was to get to hang with one of his 4-string heroes in the video epilogue below.