Miss Box Of Junk Talks Fitness With Geddy Lee, Joe Elliott And John Petrucci

That Metal Show is back on the air and that means that each and every week we are graced yet again with the best part of the show, Miss Box of Junk! Sure, seeing the greatest names in hard rock and heavy metal interviewed each week is pretty cool, and we like Eddie, Don and Jim too, but c’mon already, Miss Box of Junk rules, OK? Now as we all know, when not helping the boys with the weekly TMS Top 5 and Stump The Trunk segments, Jennifer Leah Gottlieb is a real life fitness trainer and nutrition expert, so who better to talk to TMS guests Geddy Lee of Rush, Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott and Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci about how they keep fit on and off the road.

Watch the video above to learn the work out tips of your favorite rockers and find out what album is Miss Box of Junk’s desert island disc in an installment we like to call ’Ask Jennifer.’ It might not be metal, but that’s OK, as it features one of hard rock’s greatest guitarists. Check back next week for more Miss Box of Junk goodness and exclusive online videos.