Late Bloomers: 10 Rappers Who Broke Through Later In Their Careers

  • 2 Chainz

  • 50 Cent

  • Chuck D

  • Danny Brown

  • DMX

  • Eminem

  • Jay Z

  • Ice – T

  • Juicy J

  • Rick Ross

We often hear about how rap is a “young man’s sport,” but in a lot of instances this doesn’t seem to be the case. Many artist who get their shot at a young age, seem to fizzle out within the first few years of their newfound fame. Not everybody gets to drop a classic album at 20 like Nas did with Illmatic, or throw an entire label on their back at 16 like LL Cool J did with Def Jam.

Maybe the blame can be placed on the tired industry model of chasing hit songs instead of talent with staying power. Regardless, they say “good things come to those who wait,” and there have been many rappers who’ve had to patiently wait for their time to shine.  Here are 10 rappers that have experienced breakthroughs late in their careers. Better late than never!

[Photos: Getty Images]