SONG PREMIERE: Hear Kelly Clarkson’s New Song “War Paint” + Bonus Artist Commentary

Check out this EXCLUSIVE #MTVFirst & @ReesesPBCups album premiere!

We’re counting down the days until Piece By PieceKelly Clarkson’s first album of all new material in over three years— hits stores on Tuesday, March 3rd. To hold you over, we’re premiering one never-before-heard album track each day leading up to release. Yesterday we gave you the beautiful “Tightrope,” and today were back with “War Paint.” Give a listen, and read on for commentary from Kelly!

From Kelly:  That song came a long way, [producer] Jason Halbert nailed the production on that. I loved the message of it. Everybody keeps relating it to “make up to break up” but I relate it to our guards. Everybody has their guard up and we’ve painted this whole wall around us because of the situations that have happened to us in our life.  We build this wall but at our core we all want the same thing—you want to be loved, and you want to be a part of something. That’s what I love about that song. That lyric really grabbed me and then Jason Halbert just took it to the most amazing place, production-wise. It sounds nothing like the demo, he created a masterpiece. Those drums are my favorite drums in the whole album. I love it, it’s like a chant and it’s just a great lyrical message.


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