Satan’s Arcade: Top 15 Hard Rock + Heavy Metal Pinball Machines + Video Games

“Heavy” and “metal.” In a physical sense, those words apply quite literally to pinball machines and video games, but there’s also no denying the spiritual, maybe even cosmic connection between headbanging music, quarter-pumping classic arcade fun, and crashing on the couch in front of the latest home-gaming system with hard rock blasting and maybe some certain other kind of substance blazing.

On occasion, amusement manufacturers have combined hard rock aesthetics with coin-op hardware and/or at-home video games—sometimes to kickass effect, and other times to such goofy results that even those kick ass in terms of supplying metalheads with a good time.

Power up now for some continuous play with the Top 15 hard rock and heavy metal pinball machines and video games.

Kiss (1978)

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