Untouched Photos of Jennifer Lopez Will Leave You in Awe

Last week, the Internet went into a frenzy about the leaked untouched photos of Beyoncé’s 2013 L’Oreal campaign. Well, now another set of untouched L’Oreal outtakes have surfaced, this time featuring Jennifer Lopez.

Just like Queen Bey’s photos, this new batch will have the Internet buzzing. Not because they look bad, but because how hot and flawless JLo looks. With a face like that who needs photoshop? We’re actually glad they surfaced. They show that for a woman of 45 can still stunt and keep up with young cats.

However, this all begs the bigger question: what the hell is going on with security over at L’Oreal?! First Beyoncé and now this. Is it North Korea again? Which celebrity will be next?

Who knows, but in the meantime, scroll down and check out JLo’s hot bundle of untouched outtakes.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]