10 Best Iron Maiden Songs Inspired By Movies

From the moment in the late 1960s when a British blues band called Earth renamed themselves after a Boris Karloff fright film—Black Sabbath, to be exact—heavy metal music has been profoundly intertwined with the medium of motion pictures.

Since then, no top-tier headbanger ensemble has tapped into that movie-metal connection more regularly, powerfully, or to more awesome effect than Iron Maiden.

Although the only major film named The Iron Maiden that’s not directly related to the group (such as their 2009 big-screen documentary Iron Maiden: Flight 666) is a 1962 romantic comedy, England’s supreme hard-and-heavy heroes have been paying tribute to cinematic milestones from their first album onward.

Hear Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith discuss the band’s longevity in this That Metal Show bonus clip and then, in chronological order, check out the Top 10 Iron Maiden songs inspired by movies.

“Phantom of the Opera” (1980)

Album: Iron Maiden

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