13 Rappers Whose Clothing Lines Flopped

  • Outkast-failed-clothing-line

  • Common-failed-clothing-line

  • Kanye-failed-clothing-line

  • Fat-Joe-failed-clothing-line

  • Lil’-Kim-failed-clothing-line

  • Kevin-Federline-failed-clothing-line

  • LL-Cool-J-Sears-failed-clothing-line

  • Snoop-Dogg-failed-clothing-line

  • Bow-Wow-failed-clothing-line

  • Busta-Rhymes-failed-clothing-line

  • Eminem-failed-clothing-line

  • Eve-failed-clothing-line

  • Nelly-failed-clothing-line

Don’t get it twisted: Launching a clothing line is no easy business. Many have tried, few have succeeded, and most have failed. If you think Kanye’s Yeezys are whack, take a look at these rappers’ clothing lines that totally flopped.

Nelly’s Apple Bottoms women’s line, launched in 2003, is still on the racks. Who can forget T-Pain’s shout-out to the brand in “Low” by Flo Rida?

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