Does Kanye’s ‘So Help Me God’ Artwork Rip Off A 2010 Metal Album? Judge For Yourself

Kanye West posted a mysterious image on Twitter this weekend heralding his new album, So Help Me God. The internet quickly kicked into overdrive trying to understand the meaning behind the graphic, presumably the album cover for his latest project. But upon further research, it appears that the artwork was taken from a 2010 heavy metal album. Is it an homage, a rip off, or just an accident? You decide!

Intrepid internet explorers from the 20 Buck Spin record label noticed an uncanny similarity to Yeezy’s new opus and a 2010 record by heavy metal band Christian Mistress called Agony & Opium. Which, to be honest, also sounds like it would be a Kanye album title.

According to a band member, the hand-drawn symbol is in public domain and therefore up for grabs. Has Kanye gone too far, or is he simply utilizing an image to suit his artistic vision. Let us know what you think! Til then…*Kanye shrug*

Did he choose the symbol because of it’s alleged illuminate symbolism? Gossip Table has more!

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