Alex Skolnick From Testament Combines Classic And Modern Sounds On ‘That Metal Gear’

Every week Ed, Don and Jim welcome the biggest and best names in hard rock and heavy metal on That Metal Show, and we catch up with TMS’ shred-tastic musical guests in That Metal Gear. This week we caught up with one of the finest guitarist to emerge from the ’80s thrash metal scene, Alex Skolnick of Testament. As a player he combines technical finesses with raw power and combines classic and modern influences in both his playing and his gear selection.

A veteran of the vibrant Bay Area thrash scene, Skolnick is one of many San Francisco shredders to have studied under the tutelage of Joe Satriani before he came to fame.  His early love of Kiss’ Ace Frehely and Eddie Van Halen gave way to an interest in jazz, which he explores in the Alex Skolnick Trio. His latest project, Alex Skolnick’s Planetary Coalition, showcases his acoustic guitar chops and love of world music. Check out how he got started and what he’s playing in the video above watch an exclusive super-cut of some of That Metal Show‘s most memorable musical guests below.