Nicki Minaj + Christina Milian Beefed Over “Pretty On Fleek” For A Hot Minute

Nicki Minaj is one boss ass bitch you don’t want on your bad side. She almost went in on Christina Milian this weekend when she caught wind of Milian advertising clothes that read “Pretty on Fleek,” the phrase Nicki coined in her track “Feelin’ Myself,” featuring Beyonce. Milian’s lack of Twitter know-how — and possibly her rumored relationship with Lil Wayne — saved things from getting nasty.

It started when Milian tweeted out the following, advertising for “Pretty on Fleek” sweatshirts.

Nicki took to Instagram to point out that the sweatshirts are based off of a line from one of her Pinkprint tracks.

Milian was all “What is Twitter?” when she responded, claiming that she doesn’t know how to “read these tweets these days.” Minaj tweeted back that all had been made well.

What could have taken a nasty turn proved to be harmless, and Milian’s lack of Twitter skills made it kind of adorable. And questionable. We see you tweeting and retweeting on the daily, Christina. It’s also possible that Milian’s rumored romantic tie to Lil Wayne kept the quick beef from being anything but that. Neither Nicki nor Christina has time to argue these days, anyway. Nicki’s too busy cozying up to Meek Mill,or, at least, holding his hand, and Christina’s still trying to sell that “Pretty on Fleek” gear.

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