Carly Rae Jepsen’s Amazingly Awkward Introduction To Tom Hanks

-By Melissa Smith

The thought of Carly Rae Jepsen and Tom Hanks onscreen together is so cute that it makes us squeal, which is why we can’t wait for Friday’s release of her “I Really Like You” music video. But perhaps even more epic is the story of how the duo first met at her manager Scooter Braun’s wedding.

It all started when Carly and other guests were trying to rescue a hummingbird trapped in a tent, and Carly noticed a man trying to hit the animal with a broom. In what she describes as a martini induced haze, she grabbed his arm and started to berate him. It turns out that man was Tom Hanks, and he was only trying to help with the rescue mission. Luckily Carly didn’t attack him, they were able to laugh about it, and the rest is history.

Justin Bieber, whom Carly described as a good friend, will also be appearing in the video. She gushed to us about how much he has meant to her career and how she thinks he is a brave person for doing his upcoming Comedy Central Roast.

And in honor of her new single, Carly revealed the first boy she really, really liked. Michael if you are out there, Carly totally had a crush on you in elementary school. Of course, now we’re all crushing on Carly.