‘Rock Icons’ Talks Music And Politics With Controversial Rocker Ted Nugent Next Episode

Ted Nugent.

Depending on your perspective, the name either conjures images of a loin cloth clad rocker ripping ferocious leads out of his hollow-body Gibson Byrdland or a conservative loudmouth taking no prisoners with his pointed political views. While it’s true, The Nuge can easily offend, you will also meet few people who talk as passionately about the trans-formative magic of rock n’ roll as the Motor City Madman. This week Rock Icons  profiles the man himself and explores his life in music and his commitment to making himself heard, whether with a wall of amps or as a television commentator.

Tune into VH1 Classic this Saturday night at 10/9C, immediately following an all new episode of That Metal Show at 9, as Rock Icons profiles Ted Nugent. And find out why The Nuge plays that over-sized jazzbox of a guitar in the first place in this special bonus clip below, and check out his That Metal Gear interview from last year HERE to find out about his earliest influences and favorite guitars.