8 Of Our Favorite Tracks Streaming On SoundCloud This Week

Everybody loves SoundCloud, and that of course includes us. It’s entirely too easy to get lost in the copious amounts of music available on the site.

Since the weekend is finally here, you’re going to need some new tunes for your soundtrack of debauchery or pure laziness. Check out these eight songs currently streaming on Soundcloud that helped get us through the week.

The new track from the rumored couple is steady rising up the charts.

Something heavy from this punk rock band out of San Diego.

Marc May breathes new life into this popular Ed Sheeran track.

Meet Timbaland’s latest discovery who hails from Louisville, Kentucky.

A Gaga fav gets the full drum & bass treatment.

Roc Nation’s Loch Ness Monster makes a rare appearance with a leak hopefully from his upcoming album.

The bonus track off of Jessie Boykyins III latest project, Love Apparatus.

Nashville rapper Dee Goodz hooks up with Chase N. Cashe for a tutorial on bustin moves.