The Most Notorious Recluses In Music History

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By Frank Donovan

Unfortunately for fans, some of music’s biggest and most talented stars shine so bright that they burn themselves out. Plagued by mental illness, drug addiction, or just plain aversion to fame, it’s all too often that artists just fall off the map. It’s easy to forget how young some of these singers were when they reached the apex of their critical acclaim. Lauryn Hill and Brian Wilson were both just 23 years old when they released their smashes The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and Pet Sounds, respectively. If we were that big at 23, we might get a little freaked, too.

Luckily for fans, those two continue to perform today. But other musicians like Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett never resurface after dropping out of the music game. Recluses really do come in all shapes and sizes. Check out the gallery for 12 of music’s most notorious recluses to see for yourself.