Nikki Glaser Debuts Her Poetry, Madonna Confirms Appearance On Kanye’s New Album + More On Last Lap

Prince gets set to ’Hit And Run,’ Drake’s lyrics invade phones everywhere thanks to an app, David Crosby calls Kanye “an idiot,” and more on Last Lap.

  • Top 20 Video Countdown guest host Nikki Glaser drops some Beatnik-styled poetry inspired by Calvin Harris. Top 20 Video Countdown premieres every Saturday morning from 9AM-11AM. For more info you can go to
  • You can add Madonna’s name to the list of stars slated to make an appearance on Kanye’s new album So Help Me God [Radio]
  • Prince will be performing at random venues around the country for his Hit and Run tour starting March 14th [COS]
  • Did Tyga propose to Kylie Jenner? The Gossip Table get to the bottom of that ring on Kylie’s finger.
  • Forget rhyming like Drake when you can just text like him, thanks to the Drizzy iPhone app. [TheWeek]
  • FKA Twigs will create seven short films in front of a small audience this summer for the Manchester International Festival. [Pitchfork]
  • Legendary songwriter David Crosby isn’t too fond of Kanye, he thinks the rapper is “an idiot and a poser.” [NME]