Graphic Video Content: The Family of Suge Knight’s Alleged Victim Wants You to See Exactly What Happened

The family of a man killed by Suge Knight in an alleged hit and run has leaked video footage of the incident to TMZ— and it’s brutal. The clip clearly shows Knight’s pickup truck striking two men, injuring Cle “Bone” Sloan and killing Terry Carter. Knight claims the two men had guns and he was in fear for his life, but Carter’s family (and prosecutors) say that it was murder. Watch the (extremely graphic) video below and judge for yourself.

Prior to the attack, Knight had been kicked out a shooting location where Dr. Dre was filming the Straight Outta Compton featureHe then went to a Compton-area Tam’s Burgers, saying he wanted to apologize to Dre. Upon pulling into the parking lot, he was approached by Sloan, the film’s security chief, and Carter. What happened next is clear in the film, but the reasons still remain murky.

Knight’s lawyers claim that the two victims had guns, and the video shows someone taking an object from Sloan’s waistband once he was on the ground.  But the video also seems to support the idea that Knight did not need to reverse in order to escape the supposedly dangerous crowd.  Was this a horrible accident, or something more sinister? Legal council disagree on what exactly this video proves, but we’ll see what happens when his case goes to trial.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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