Big Daddy: Ranking The Rappers With The Most Children

  • Reverend-Run-rappers-with-a-lot-of-kids

  • Diddy-rappers-with-a-lot-of-kids

  • T.I.-rappers-with-a-lot-of-kids

  • Flavor-Flav-rappers-with-a-lot-of-kids

  • Lil-Boosie-rappers-with-a-lot-of-kids

  • Eazy-E-rappers-with-a-lot-of-kids

  • Master-P-rappers-with-a-lot-of-kids

  • Shawty-Lo-rappers-with-a-lot-of-kids

  • DMX-rappers-with-the-most-kids

  • Ol-Dirty-Bastard-rappers-with-a-lot-of-kids

A Hyper Crush song called “Candy Store” has a verse that goes: “Blessed with a lot of spit, sex with a lot of chicks.” That pretty much explains how these male rappers have fathered many children.

Now that you know how men make babies, peep through the gallery to see which rappers are fathers several times over. We’ve ranked each by number of children, with Ol’ Dirty Bastard, father to 13, leading the pack. Note: this is based on known number of children. Some of these guys could be pulling a Chris Brown on us eventually.

[Photo: Getty Images]

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.