Long Lost Jimi Hendrix Recording Unearthed After 50 Years—Listen Here!

A recording of a young Jimi Hendrix has been restored and released after going unheard for nearly 50 years. Prior to achieving megastardom, Hendrix played with the soulful Curtis Knight & the Squires in the mid ’60s . Together they cut the instrumental track called “Station Break,” which has only recently been unearthed. Although it’s not technically a Jimi Hendrix track, his guitar-playing is prominent and his embryonic talent is incredibly clear.

The song will be included on You Can’t Use My Name: Curtis Knight & The Squires (Featuring Jimi Hendrix), a collection of early Jimi tracks, which hits stores on March 24th.

UPDATE: 3/16

Another new track from the upcoming album has dropped. Listen to the never-released version of “Gloomy Monday,” plus revealing studio banter.

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