Maury Povich Weighs In On The Chris Brown Baby Mama Drama

Maury Povich is still waiting for Chris Brown to be on Maury, according to his interview with Big Morning Buzz Live hosts Michelle Buteau and Nick Lachey.

When news broke of the existence of Chris Brown’s baby girl last week, Maury responded to a tweet about C Breezy appearing on his show.

Well, Maury is still waiting by the phone. The chances of Chris Brown appearing on Maury are essentially nonexistent, but hey, C Breezy is full of surprises lately. If he were to appear on the show, one thing is for sure: Lots of people would watch, and like Maury says, “that’s good.” And also, we’d probably have a moment like this:

Watch Maury answer “Burning Questions” about his favorite celebrity feud, Hilary Clinton, and more in the video.

[Photo: VH1]

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.