Madonna’s Teenage Daughter Embarrassed By Her Provocative Tunes. Is It Time To Take It Easy On The Sexy?

Being embarrassed by your mom is nothing new to any of us, but what if your mom is a sexually-charged music icon, who goes by the name of Madonna?

This seems to be the dilemma Madonna is facing as a mother of three children, all ranging from the age of 9-18 years old.  In a recent interview, Madonna revealed that her oldest daughter Lourdes, is “horrified” when it comes to those racy songs of hers.  The superstar even goes on to describe recording sessions with her kids present as “awkward”—yeah we bet.

Do you think Madge should tone the sexy down now that she’s in her fifties? Or does she have every right to flaunt it, if she still thinks she’s got it? Watch the Big Morning Buzz Live team discuss if whether or not Madonna should hang it up in the sexy department.