Big Sean Raps About Ariana Grande’s “Billion Dollar P-ssy,” But How Does She Feel About It?

Big Sean is so in love with his girlfriend Ariana Grande that he wants to sing it from the rooftops. That’s totally sweet! But now he’s rapping about her “billion dollar p-ssy” in his new song, “Stay Down.” Ehhh, call us old fashioned, but that’s not quite as cute. More importantly, how does the former Nickelodeon star feel about the NSFW lyrics?

“I got a million-dollar chick with a billion-dollar p—y/ Every time I come, I swear to God I feel rich,” Sean raps in the track from Dark Sky Paradise. Explicit, yes—but he says his GF is completely chill with the lyrical shout-outs. “I played her the whole album before it came out, so she heard everything,” he told Rolling Stone. “She’s super-supportive. It’s cool, because she was a fan of mine before anything. The first thing she said when she met me was, ’Yo, I love your music,’ and she rapped my verse from ’Gang Bang’ with Wiz Khalifa. She was just an actress on TV at the time. She’s very open-minded. I’m proud of her.”

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