Lil Wayne Vs. Cash Money: A Timeline Of Wayne’s Fight For Independence

Brothers Ronald ’Slim’ Williams, and Bryan ’Birdman’ Williams are no strangers to legal battles and contract disputes. The founders of Cash Money don’t have the best rep when it comes to properly compensating both artists and producers. Even though he has since rejoined the Cash Money fold, Juvenile was the first artist to leave the label over financial disputes. “Bling Bling” rapper BG soon followed Juvenile’s lead, as well as Mannie Fresh, who handled all of Cash Money’s production. Even with all of the financial turmoil surrounding the company,  Lil Wayne seemed to be the exception to the rule — until he wasn’t.

It’s not about what you’re owed, but what you negotiate. By the looks of things, Cash Money may owe their top dog the money he negotiated—and then some. Many would agree that Wayne is the sole reason why Cash Money is still afloat. When Juvenile, the company’s flagship artist, departed in the early 2000s, it looked like the label’s days were numbered. But out of the ashes of Juvie rose Dwyane Carter, who took Cash Money to new heights and helped cement the label as the music powerhouse we know today.

Weezy helped usher in Cash Money’s dominance through his solo success, and also with the success of his Young Money imprint boasting twin stars Drake and Nicki Minaj. From the outside looking in, all certainly seemed well in Wayne’s world. So how does one go from “Stuntin Like My Daddy” to suing his daddy? We sort through the madness with a timeline of Tunechi’s fight for freedom.

 2006: Wayne almost jumps ship to Roc-a-fella/Def Jam
Wayne had a chance to leave Cash Money back  in 2006, when his initial deal expired. Roc-a-fella/Def Jam were the early front runner for Weezy’s services, but the deal was never finalized. Wayne would go on to re-up with Cash Money, citing “loyalty” as the reason. Jay Z confirmed the rumor in a interview  (30:50 mark) with The Breakfast Club years later.


DECEMBER 4, 2014: The tweets heard round the world

Wayne blindsides the masses with an unexpected series of tweets expressing his displeasure with the label. Apologizing to fans for the wait and lets it be known he wants off of Cash Money.


DECEMBER 5, 2014: Weezy reaffirms his position 

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