Beatles Fans Can Now Have Their Very Own 3D Sir Paul Doll

Are you a Beatles fan who happens to have a 3D printer lying around? You’re in luck, because the good folks over at are helping you create your very own 3D Paul McCartney doll!


After Sir Paul shot the video for “Hope For The Future” using some good ol’ 3D technology, his dot com team got the bright idea of taking the 3D file and creating a printable image of the living legend. “The thinking here is that in the coming years we will all begin to see 3D printed objects appearing in our daily lives creating items such as machine parts, bone and limb replacements, clothing and even food,” they write. “It is no overstatement to say the possibilities are pretty much endless!”

Of course there’s a catch: you have to actually own a 3D printer, which can range anywhere between $500-$7000. Nevertheless, the 50 MB file is now available to all McCartney fans right here on his site. From the looks of the sneak-peek, the entire process looks easier than it sounds.

[Photo: Getty Images]