The Most Awesomely Offensive Post-Death Musician Merchandise

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Sid-Vicious

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Michael-Jackson

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Amy-Winehouse1

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Notorious-B.I.G.

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Amy-Winehouse2

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Kurt-Cobain

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Elvis-Presley-2

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Andy-Gibb

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Jimi-Hendrix

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Tupac

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Freddie-Mercury

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-John-Lennon

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Elvis-Presley1

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Freddie-Mercury-2

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Aaliyah

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Whitney-Houston

  • Artist-Post-Death-Merch-Buddy-Holly

John Lennon Jesus candles. Amy Winehouse murals. Elvis Presley bingo bags. These are just some of the offerings on sites like Etsy and Amazon that take post-death artist merchandise to a whole new level.

Check out the gallery for some of the most unnecessary merchandise honoring deceased artists. Here are our top three picks:

(1) The Sid Vicious planter. You’ll understand why when you see it.

(2) The Freddie Mercury Russian nesting dolls. Yup, they exist.

(3) The Michael Jackson scarf that Terrence Howard may or may not have borrowed for his role on Empire.

[Photo: Etsy]

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.