8 Things Millennials Don’t Understand About Queen Latifah

By Frank Donovan 

To celebrate the week of Queen Latifah’s 45th birthday, we’re serving up 8 things that today’s younger generation simply must realize about the great QL. Today she’s one of those figures you take for granted. You see and hear her everywhere–officiating a mass wedding at the Grammys, looking glam in Cover Girl ads, voicing Ellie in the Ice Age movies–she’s an omnipresent media icon.

But Dana Owens started as the beat-boxing daughter of a policeman and an art teacher in New Jersey. She broke out on the scene at just 19 years old and immediately made a name for herself as one of the most successful and respected female MCs in hip hop in the late 1980s. She didn’t stop there though. In a rare career arc, Latifah has conquered almost every facet of entertainment and business–from rap to jazz, comedy to drama, managing to producing. She is a force.

Read on for more essential knowledge about the venerable Queen Latifah.


1. She was once the queen of hip hop.  

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