‘Rock Icons’ Sneak: Dave Mustaine Reveals How Getting Kicked Out of Metallica Affected His Music

This Saturday night on Rock Icons, we hear from metal guitar god Dave Mustaine. Although he’s been manned Megadeth for more than three decades, his name will forever be linked with Metallica. After serving as the band’s original lead guitarist in their nascent days, he was fired from the group just prior to the recording of their first album, Kill ’Em All. While undoubtedly devastating, Mustaine explains how the experience helped pave the way for his future career and worldwide success.

Tune into VH1 Classic this Saturday night at 10/9C, immediately following an all new episode of That Metal Show at 9, as Rock Icons profiles Mustaine. Watch as he speaks out on this troubling time in his life, and how he overcame it all to redefined heavy metal. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind rock’n’ roll story—hell, even Dave’s impressed! Listen to his reflections in the video above.

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