Ex ‘Flavor Of Love’ Contestant Opens Up About Drake’s Bedroom Skills

Former Flavor of Love cast member London “Deelishis” Charles has just confirmed that Drake is good — in fact, “excellent” — in bed. We knew he was. Right, ladies?

Deelishis hinted that “a certain rapper from Toronto has the best she ever had,” according to Hot 97. A certain rapper from Toronto, you say? We’re picking up what you’re putting down, Dee.

Ladies, you have every right to be elated about this glorious news, and if you’re like me, you probably have some questions about it. What is “good in bed” by Dee’s standards? Why are Drizzy and Dee sleeping together? Is Drake a freak? Does he like cuddling? Is he soft and attentive? Was this piece of news something we knew before?

No, really. Didn’t we already know this? I mean, come on. Drizzy raps about love. He wants to date a woman who can write, which obviously means that he’s sensitive and shit. He’s a Scorpio, the most sexual of all the zodiac signs. He fits the criteria of the perfect bedmate.

And he is. Because he’s excellent in bed.

[Photo: @champagnepapi]

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