The Most Iconic Hats In Hip-Hop + R&B

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  • Busta-Rhymes-hip-hop-hats

  • Ne-Yo-hip-hop-hats

Hip-hop and R&B embody their own styles as much as they do sounds, and hats play a part of the sartorial side to either genre. From Ne-Yo’s fedoras to Busta Rhymes’ Dr. Seuss hat, these are the hats that became like limbs to the hip-hop and R&B artists who wore them.

LL Cool J is one artist who wears many hats — literally and metaphorically. The 2015 host of the Grammy Awards recently landed a gig co-hosting a forthcoming show on Spike TV, Lip Sync Battle, with Chrissy Teigen. Peep the gallery to see which other hip-hop and R&B artists love their headwear, and hear LL Cool J reveal how his name changed from Ladies Love Cool J to LL Cool J in the clip.

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