The Best Of The Rest: 15 MORE Metal Bands You Should Be Listening To In 2015

-By Doc Coyle

After the release of my Top 15 Bands, Young and Old, You Should Be Listening To In 2015 list, the positive and negative fallout was overwhelming. Some readers were angry because the list was not metal enough (admittedly), and some felt wronged by several overt snubs. Although I have this platform, I am not an all-knowing metal super genius. So, I asked commenters and readers to send me the names of deserving bands that I should check out. I listened to damn near everything that people mentioned, and there is some great stuff out there. Throughout social media, people were sending me really cool bands that I didn’t know existed. There were also a few bands that deserved attention and just barely missed the cut on the previous list. Based on discovering all of this great talent, it seemed appropriate to make a new list: this time focusing on under-the-radar music and under-appreciated veterans.

I hate to do a couple disclaimers, but it seems appropriate. The numbers are irrelevant. Just because I have band listed #1, does not mean they are the best. I am just listing them as I think of them. Also, there are probably a thousand bands that “deserve” to be mentioned, but keep in mind this list is filtered through the prism of my personal taste. It could not be a more subjective process informed by my inherent biases and preferences. As Charles Barkley once humbly stated,” We aren’t experts. We are analysts. Only God is an expert.” If only I wasn’t an agnostic…

1. Ne Obliviscaris
Ne Obliviscaris appeared on my radar recently when I stumbled across the overwhelmingly successful crowdfunding campaign achieved by the Australian Progressive Death Metal band that was completely unknown to me beforehand. They raised over $80K for a world tour. I considered them for the previous Top 15 list, but I just wasn’t familiar enough. They were probably the band people most enthusiastically suggested I check out. In the wake of the global success of versatile Death-Proggers like Opeth, Between the Buried and Me, and Enslaved, Ne Obliviscaris seem poised to be a leader in this current landscape. One element that sets them apart from the pack is that the band features a violinist, which gives their music refined depth and elegance.


2. Ghost Ship Octavius

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