‘Hell Awaits’ by Slayer Turns 30, Still Head Of The Thrash Class of ’85

With its spate of landmark record releases, metalheads properly revere 1986 as the year thrash broke. Still, those twelve months of bone-crunching, lightning-speed, punk-infused heavy metal didn’t just stage-dive out of nowhere. In fact, 1985 produced its own array of mind-blowing, neck-snapping, history-making thrash classics.

While Metallica spent the year formulating and recording Master of Puppets, three of the thrash’s other “Big Four” groups issued crucial albums. So did countless other thrash bands, great and small, in increasing numbers all over the planet.

Chief among 1985’s towering thrashterpieces is Hell Awaits by Slayer, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this month. In tribute, let’s don patch-covered battle vests, lace up massive white Reeboks, and bang heads with total abandon with a mosh-pit tour of the Thrash Class of ’85.

Hell Awaits – Slayer
“Hell Awaits”

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