Tube Amplifiers: The Top Hard Rock + Heavy Metal Covers Of TV Theme Songs

Born in the 1950s via Elvis Presley on Ed Sullivan and Ricky Nelson on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, the bond between television and rock-and-roll has been unbreakable since the earliest days of each medium’s very first revolutions in art, technology, and stirring up teenage trouble.

Proper rock TV theme songs didn’t really become a standard practice until the 1960s by way of hits like The Monkees, The Mod Squad, and perhaps the most inspiring of them all, Batman. However, with the ascent of hard rock, heavy metal, and punk in the ’70s, bands took to not only regularly wailing tunes in praise of their favorite boob tube entertainment, they often bashed out covers of TV theme songs. It’s a rich tradition that blazes on to this day.

Here now, are our picks for the 20 greatest hard-and-heavy rock revamps of classic TV themes.

1. “Mission: Impossible” – Pantera

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