9 Female Singers Who Love Their Curves—And Want You To Love Yours, Too

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  • Rihanna-Positive-Body-Image

  • Miley-Cyrus-Positive-Body-Image

  • Kelly-Clarkson-Positive-Body-Image

  • Ariana-Grande-Positive-Body-Image

  • Beyonce-Positive-Body-Image

  • Adele-Positive-Body-Image

  • Meghan-Trainor-Positive-Body-Image

  • Taylor-Swift-Positive-Body-Image

“Your body is a temple.” This is a truth that takes some a lifetime to understand, especially when so much of what we consume is slapped with a picture of an impossibly thin model — or lately, Kendall Jenner. Fewer things in life are more urgent than having a healthy relationship with your body, and female singers such as Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato have important things to say about it.

From Beyonce to Rihanna to Meghan Trainor, find out which major female singers have inspirational things to say about body image, and watch host Ellie Lee and Demi Lovato bond over body image issues in the YouTube clip.

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