St. Anger Himself: 10 Times Everybody On Earth Got Pissed Off At Lars Ulrich

Oops… he did it again. On the verge of the 15th anniversary of Lars Ulrich filing suit on behalf of Metallica against the band’s own fans, the hothead named by the Village Voice to be “the douchiest drummer of all time” has once more enraged what seems to be the entire human population.

This time, it has to do with the bass on 1988’s …And Justice for All. Next time? Well, there’s no guessing how Lars will next lose still more friends and somehow alienate even more people—it’s just a guarantee that it will happen.

Until then, let’s look back at 10 times everyone alive simultaneously got pissed off at Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

1. The Crappy Bass on …And Justice For All? Revealed to Be Lars’s Doing (2015)

For as towering an achievement and all the deserved love that fans have felt for Metallica’s 1988 classic LP …And Justice For All, one factor has often kept listeners from ranking it on par with the group’s two-years-earlier landmark, Master of Puppets: the bass guitar on Justice can barely be picked out amongst the sound and fury of the other instruments—in particular, the drums.

As VH1 recently reported, Justice mixer Steve Thompson has spoken out about how the record’s puny bass came at the insistence of Lars Ulrich, stating the drummer said, “I want you to bring down the bass where you can barely, audibly hear it in the mix.” Some surmise that it was a case of Lars hazing Metallica’s then-new bassist Jason Newsted, others just chalk it up to the legendary Ulrich ego. Either way, what would have been a perfect album was permanently diminished—except for Lars.

As peeved as the general public has been through the years with Justice’s baseless bass sound, for Thompson it’s been a quarter-century of nonstop frustration. Lars, of course, has only added insult to this particular injury.

Thompson reports an incident that occurred at Metallica’s 2009 Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame induction. “They flew us out and I’m sitting with Lars,” Thompson said. “He goes, ‘Hey, what happened to the bass in … Justice?’ He actually asked me that. I wanted to cold cock him right there. It was a shame because I’m the one getting the s–t for the lack of bass.”

Devotees, in fact, have been remixing the album to properly pump up the bass ever since.

Metallica bassist Jason Newsted on the 25th anniversary of “….And Justice For All”

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