Justin Timberlake’s Shoutout To Jessica Biel In His iHeartRadio Acceptance Speech Will Give You All The Feels

Justin Timberlake’s acceptance speech for the iHeartRadio Innovator Award had many parts, the most adorable of which was his shoutout to pregnant wife Jessica Biel.

Timberlake’s speech was a long one. We weren’t so sure about him being the spokesman for bullied adolescents — what was that all about, JT? — but we fully believe in his capabilities as a parent and a husband after hearing his shoutout to Jessica Biel. We were waiting for it — especially after JT gave one to his mother and, yes, Snoop Dogg — and when it finally came, it was perfectly adorable.

Timberlake called Biel his greatest collaborator, saying that he was headed home after accepting the speech to go learn how to change diapers and be as good of a father as he is a performer.

Could he be any sweeter? Rewatch Justin Timberlake’s sweet words to Jessica Biel, and see some of Twitter’s reactions.

[Photo: Getty Images]

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.