Watch The Game Slug Some Dude Who Threatens To Shoot Him During A Basketball Game

The Game plays a dirty game of basketball—at least if this startling video from TMZ is any indication. The clip clearly shows the rapper taking a pretty powerful swing at an opposing player during a game of pickup in Los Angeles. But before you send The Game to anger management, he’s claiming it was all in self defense. Apparently the guy threatened to shoot him!

The match was getting a little heated, and the video shows that some elbows were flying. Tempers rose and —according to The Game— the dude threatened to go over to his gym bag because, “I got that thing.” Although no such threat is heard on the video, The Game took “that thing” to be a firearm, and went into survival mode. He claims that the other man raised his fist first, so he beat him to the (literal) punch. Bam!

While it does show the punch, the video doesn’t seem to show the other guy going in for the kill. Was The Game trying to protect himself? Or was he getting a little over zealous? One thing’s for sure: these two should stick to Yahtzee and chill out…

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