April Fool’s Gold: Top 10 Classic Rock “Fool” Songs For April 1st

The first 24 hours of the fourth month each year, popularly known as April Fool’s Day, is traditionally set aside for jokes, pranks, hoaxes, bunkum, and other comical trickery in which bafflement is turned into good humor by way of the post-punchline declaration, “April Fool!”

Rock-and-roll seems to take a more sober-minded approach to the concept of the “fool,” though. Classic rock songs that directly address “fools,” especially in the title, tend to have an air of warning, dismissal, outright mockery, and even anger. No fooling!

For this April Fool’s Day, take some time between crank calls and inflating Whoopee Cushions to check out our playlist of the Top 10 Classic Rock “Fool” songs.

“Fool in the Rain” – Led Zeppelin (1979)
The fool of the title from Zep’s last single to hit the pop charts waits on a corner during a downpour, sweating and fretting through each moment for a lady love who doesn’t show up to meet him.

The epic song, complete with a monstrous Latin percussion breakdown in the middle, ultimately pays off with a punchline that harkens back to the 1957 rock-and-roll classic “Silhouettes” by the Rays: “I’m just a fool waiting on the wrong block!”

Zep frontman Robert Plant expanded the notion from one waterlogged schlemiel to an entire boatload’s worth on his 1988 rock radio hit, “Ship of Fools.”


“Fool on the Hill” – The Beatles (1967)
The Beatles returned largely bitter and disillusioned from a 1968 India trip to visit meditation guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi George Harrison, who remained a lifelong cosmic seeker, was the exception). True to Ozzy Osbourne’s assessment of Paul McCartney and John Lennon as rock’s ultimate “sweet and sour” combo, Paul composed the gentle “Fool on the Hill” about his earlier assessment of the man a year earlier. John wrote the more scabrous “Sexy Sadie,” which was originally just titled “Maharishi” and lyrically makes his feelings very clear: “You made a fool of everyone!”

“Won’t Get Fooled Again” – The Who (1971)

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