April Fool’s Gold: Top 10 Classic Rock “Fool” Songs For April 1st

The first 24 hours of the fourth month each year, popularly known as April Fool’s Day, is traditionally set aside for jokes, pranks, hoaxes, bunkum, and other comical trickery in which bafflement is turned into good humor by way of the post-punchline declaration, “April Fool!”

Rock-and-roll seems to take a more sober-minded approach to the concept of the “fool,” though. Classic rock songs that directly address “fools,” especially in the title, tend to have an air of warning, dismissal, outright mockery, and even anger. No fooling!

For this April Fool’s Day, take some time between crank calls and inflating Whoopee Cushions to check out our playlist of the Top 10 Classic Rock “Fool” songs.

“Fool in the Rain” – Led Zeppelin (1979)

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