He Got Served! Watch Tyga Get Subpoena’d At His Own Sneaker Event

April Fools! But not really. Tyga was probably feeling pretty good during the launch of his L.A. Gear sneaker line at Shiekh Shoes in Hollywood yesterday. But then a dude came in and gave him a subpoena in the middle of the party, and that kind of killed the mood! The best part? The process server bought two pairs of the new kicks, and waited two hours in line to have them autographed by Tyga himself. He even got a selfie with the rapper before handing over his papers. TMZ got the whole thing on video, so praise the prank gods!

Did they intentionally nail Tyga so that we could have this killer video just in time for April Fools? We like to think so.

No official word on what the subpoena was about in the first place. Sources say it’s because Tyga owes someone money, but we’re betting on something Kylie Jenner related

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