Did This Little Boy Just Fake Cry To Touch Nicki Minaj’s Boobs?

Nicki Minaj may have fallen prey to a prank yesterday. Can you blame her? The prank-puller came in the form of a crying, seemingly innocent little boy named Donny.

It seems like Nicki just can’t steer clear of fans who want to feel her assets. While playing a Pinkprint Tour show, she invited a young fan named Donny on the stage. Donny cried that he had been “dreaming of this moment for so long.” To try to calm him down, Nicki went in for a motherly hug. At this point, Donny stopped crying and started smiling because he realized that HOLY SHIT HIS FACE WAS TOUCHING HER BOOBS.

Did you see that smirk? Well played, Donny, well played. Perhaps you got your material from Squints in The Sandlot?

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