Good Friday Rocks: The Top 10 Epic Rock Songs Featuring Jesus Christ

From its incendiary onset in the 1950s, rock-and-roll has oft-times been disparaged as “the devil’s music.” Yet Christian rock has long run parallel to the more incendiary gen-pop variety. Elvis Presley’s 1957 gospel album Peace in the Valley, for example, provided an early bridge between age-old divine sounds and the Eisenhower-era’s diabolical new music revolution.

As with the central figure in those gospel songs, Elvis acquired a vast multitude of followers over whom he has exuded great influence. It seems inevitable, then, that those disciples of the King of Rock-and-Roll would, on occasion, cross musical paths with the King of Kings.

Some J.C. r-‘n’-r tunes are reverent. Others take a hard look and ask cosmic questions. Still others reverberate with the sort of spiritualism that comes after a chemical conversion. We gather now to properly worship 13 awesome rock-and-roll noises made unto the Lord.

“Jesus Is Just Alright” – Doobie Brothers (1972)

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