Say Your Prayers: The 20 Most Hilariously Blasphemous Band Names Ever

  • jesus_lizard

  • adolf_satan

  • jesuseater

  • impaled_nazarene_2

  • severed_savior

  • sacreligious_impalement

  • gay_witch_abortion

  • heaven_shall_burn

  • god_dethroned

  • pisschrst

  • priest_in_shit

  • Eyehategod_1

  • creaming_jesus

  • anal_blasphemy

  • godkiller

  • nunslaughter

  • rotting-christ

  • satans_almighty_penis

  • cumchrist

  • the_crucifucks

-By Frank Donovan 

Easter is upon us— a time of year when those of the Christian faith celebrate the ressurection of Jesus by exchanging chocolate eggs left by an oversized bunny. Yeah, we don’t get it either. But if you think that’s out there, get a load of these hilariously un-PC, un-church friendly, unholy band names. From Jesuseater to Anal Blasphemy, it’s safe to say that all of these blasphemous names are pretty NSFW…

Laugh away, we’ll save you a spot in Hell.

[Photo: Getty Images]