‘Toys in the Attic’ Turns 40: Ranking The Songs On Aerosmith’s Classic Album

Aerosmith’s breakthrough Toys in the Attic LP exploded all over radio stations and record stores in April 1975. Here’s to a genuinely monumental fortieth anniversary!

Of Toys in the Attic’s nine songs, five remain in heavy rotation on classic rock outlets (with two in particular serving as cornerstones that define the genre), two others qualify “album tracks” that still get regular airplay, and the one left over is a “deep cut” that is familiar to even casual fans of the band.

In essence, then, that makes Toys in the Attic a sort of instant “greatest hits” collection unto itself, although monster jams had also previously emerged from the group’s self-titled 1973 debut (e.g.—“Dream On,” “Mama Kin”) and 1974’s Get Your Wings (“Same Old Song and Dance,” “Lord of the Thighs,” “Train Kept A-Rollin’”). Of course, that’s to not even mention ’Smith’s myriad smashes since then.

Still, the eight-times-platinum Toys in the Attic remains Aerosmith’s single bestselling studio album and each of its nine remarkable tracks stands as a classic on its own. They can only be measured in degrees of greatness. In celebration of TITA’s fortieth anniversary, then, here’s our extremely subjective ranking of those songs. Your picks may vary (and that’s what our comments section is for).


9. “Big Ten Inch Record”

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