Ranking 30 Years Of Madonna’s Tours: Which One Is The Greatest?

During this week in 1985, a fresh-faced pop star named Madonna embarked on her first-ever concert tour, aptly titled The Virgin Tour. Little did concertgoers know, they were in the presence of arguably pop’s most dynamic performer (next to Michael Jackson, of course). Since The Virgin Tour, Madge has embarked on a total of nine stage shows and will begin her 10th — The Rebel Heart Tour — later this year. There’s no question her tours are both amazing and profitable — her 2008 Sticky & Sweet Tour is the highest-grossing solo artist trek in history — but which one reigns supreme? We’re about to find out.

Picking the best Madonna tour is like picking the tastiest flavor of ice cream. They’re all good for different reasons, and you might instantly regret ranking one over the other. Nevertheless, we took on the challenge. We factored in setlists, special effects, choreography and iconic moments in making our final decision. Get ready for a lot of vogueing.

9. The Virgin Tour (1985) 
Lady M’s debut show is definitely energetic and full of ’80s teen bombast; however, it lacks the style and sophistication of her other tours. Granted, she was only 26, but to put The Virgin Tour on the same level as something like The Re-Invention Tour is criminally wrong. While the throwback setlist is gold —”Holiday,” “Into the Groove,” and “Everybody” are performed in a row — The Virgin Tour just isn’t up to par with Madge’s other efforts.


8. Drowned World Tour (2001) 

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