DMX Believes The Devil Is Trying To Destroy Him Because He’s “Special To God”

DMX made headlines over the weekend when the rapper and his entourage were accused of lifting thousands of dollars from a 21-year-old man at a New Jersey gas station. X’s lawyer swiftly denied the claim, citing the accusation as “completely absurd.”

It looks like the Yonkers rapper feels the same way about the ordeal —going as far as blaming the devil for the implication. In the TMZ clip, DMX downplays the entire matter and views the claim as coming with the territory of being a celeb. “The harder the devil works at trying to destroy me is because I’m special to God. Not that I look forward to these problems, but I face them knowing that the lord says ’No weapon used against me shall prosper.'”

As odd as this robbery story sounds, it doesn’t touch some of the other random moments we’ve witnessed in the life of Earl Simmons.  After you check out X’s reaction, re-live some of his craziest moments with us right here.

[Photo: Getty Images]