Madonna Kissed Drake At Coachella And Everyone’s Weirded Out By It

You know that song called “Madonna” by Drake? The fact that Drizzy named a song after Madge might make you think he’d be down to make out with her. Rest assured, ladies: He’s not.

There’s something about Drake sitting in a chair that makes women like Nicki Minaj and Madonna want to give him lap dances and make out with him. While powering through “Human Nature,” Madge paused, lifting up Drake’s head and bending over so their lips could meet. She went in for a kiss, and Drake seemed to enjoy it — at first.

Drizzy raised his hand to hold Madge’s head, but she wasn’t having any of that cutesy nonsense. She’s Madge! She doesn’t need to be caressed to feel sexy! The two gave the crowd enough time to process that they were actually making out at Coachella like two drunk teenagers. Wearing a tank top that read “Big As Madonna” in reference to Drake’s song, Madonna turned around and strutted off the stage. She seemed pretty pleased with herself, but Drizzy on the other hand, did not. He wiped her spit off his mouth and made this face:

We know Drake’s good in bed, so obviously he’s an expert at this sort of thing. But we have to know: Was it really that bad, Drake?

UPDATE: Sources close to Drake are telling TMZ that though the kiss was unplanned, he actually loved it — he was just grossed out by her lipstick. From way back here in internet land, the gloss doesn’t seem so serious, but hey, Drizzy shared an Instagram of the smooch to clear up any rumors about his “shock.”

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1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.