Kevin Garrett Performs Delicate Hometown Set At Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory

Kevin Garrett found himself in familiar territory this weekend. The singer-songwriter has been steadily gaining momentum following the release of his debut EP Mellow Drama, and receiving positive reviews for his supporting shows. But on Friday night at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory, things slowed down just a little bit — in a good way.

He hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but Garrett calls Brooklyn home. He played a poignant 10-song set in the withdrawn Brooklyn venue, covering both his heartbreaking EP and then some. His high-pitched voice delicately reeled in the crowd, who remained silent — not for a lack of excitement, but to feel the gravity of the songs themselves. Hearts all over the room grew a little heavier, but only briefly.

Garrett performed “Coloring” and “Control,” the two most-played tracks off of Mellow Drama. He also covered Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love,” which made all too much sense for the singer, for whom The Fader has reserved the space between James Blake and Sam Smith.

To close out the set was “Never Knock,” a song that perhaps hasn’t received as much attention as it should—yet. “My hands are tied /  I found you here tonight / And you made me into what you want,” Garrett crooned. And there was truth to it, too. He had humbly come and played his set, all the while letting us project our own truths onto him for 10 songs.

Stream Kevin Garrett’s Mellow Drama EP here.

[Photo: Shervin Lainez]

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