Did Drake And Rihanna Reunite At Coachella? The Gossip Table Reveals All

Looks like Madonna might not be the only person who made out with Drake at Coachella. According to reports, Drizzy and Rihanna were seen acting “couple-y” during the festival, and spent nearly the entire weekend together. Considering the pair used to date back in the “What’s My Name” days of 2010, this news sent the reunion rumor mill into overdrive. Are Riri and Madge going to have to fight it out over Drake?

The idea of these two reconnecting doesn’t seem far fetched. Although they briefly reunited last year, it wasn’t to last. Did cupid hit these two with his arrow while out in Indio, or is it all just a false alarm?

The Gossip Table sheds light on this possible return of Drihanna.

[Photo: Getty Images]