The DNA Results Are In: Is O’Sh*t Really Achilles’ Father?

He's denied that he's the boy's father all season, but the paternity test says otherwise.

All season long on Black Ink Crew, O’Sh*t has claimed that after he took an at-home DNA test, he confirmed that he’s not his son, Achilles’ biological father. Kathie has denied that, and everyone in the shop has been wondering what the truth really is, and now we finally know the truth. O’Sh*t, you…

ARE the father!

Come to find out, O’Sh*t only claimed he wasn’t the boy’s father to get back at Kathie. “You know I just be saying that s— to get you mad!” he tells Kathie, who is completely devastated by the mind games. Fortunately, Ceaser talks some sense into O’Sh*t and tells him to make things right with Kathie, but that’s some messed up drama right there.